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Ihr Experte für die Kinderfrau in Ihrem Privathaushalt in Wien, seit 1993
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Nanny wanted in fulltime
to Munich - Southeast - Germany
( Bavaria - Bayern )

    Nanny (British, American, New Zealand, Irish or Australian nationality) - native speaker English for a 100% position (full-time job, 40 hours a week) - sought as soon as possible to Munich.

    More information can be obtained from our office, Mrs. Sonja Hartwig or Mrs.  Nicole Schichl at A.O.G.® Germany Tel: 0049 (0)

    Just call without obligation and inform yourself. The House Personnel placement for applicants by the Agency are free of charge.

    Location and working hours: Location and working hours:

    • 8 - München-Zentrum 8 - Munich-Centre
    • Accompaniment for traveling: nach Absprache und im Wechsel mit der anderen Kinderfrau Accompaniment for traveling: to be specified and alternating with the other nanny
    • flexible Vollzeitstelle FULL TIME (40) flexible full-time job FULL TIME (40)
    Monday 8-hour day in exchange
    Tuesday 8-hour day in exchange
    Wednesday 8-hour day in exchange
    Thursday 8-hour day in exchange
    Wechsel Friday 8-hour day in exchange
  • sporadic 24-Hrs.-service desired: negotiable and alternating with the other nanny
  • sporadic W/E service desired:  Alternating with the other nurse.

  • Date of joining Date of Joining
    • At the earliest possible date
    • permanent employment permanent employment

    Your professional and personal skills:
    • capacity for teamwork: More staff available.
    • non-smoker condition
    • driving licence class 3 and good driving experience
    • own car advantageous but no condition
    • Graduation: High school or equivalent, a good general education is condition.
    • special training (s): nanny or governess or family carer or Child nurse or an unskilled force with excellent references from comparable activities
    • job experience in private household desired Job Experience Desired in private household
    •  Foreign Language (s): German advantageous but not a prerequisite.
    • Mother Tongue: Very good educated English
    • Nationality: British or United States or Australia or New Zealand or Ireland, unless a very good, well-educated English without an accent is spoken.
    • Your Age Should be between 25 + - and 45 +
    • -
    children in household:
    • 3 at age of to check in the Agency
    • Care of children: By looking for power and the other nurse.
    Pets in household:
    • Dogs and horses

    Your assignment in headwords:

    • care of family Care of family

      • Education / field: Loving, intelligent, yet consistently. Sie leben gute Umgangsformen im täglichen Miteinander vor. They live in front of good manners in our daily interaction.
      • Encouragement creative: Age-appropriate promotion, crafts, games, painting, everything is fun the children, after consultation
      • Encouragement intellectual: Storytelling, crafts, age-appropriate promotion.
      • in agreement with parents: You speak from time to time from the parents and the already long-standing collaborator on possible problems and developments.
      • Help with homework: Alternating with the other nurse.
      • Care at recreational activities: By appointment, bring and accompany activities.
      • cooking: Possibly even warm up a meal, do cope fruit.

      • householding : Care of children: Alternating with the other long-term employee.
    • "Babysitting": By arrangement and alternating with the other Associate.
    • Organization of children's everyday life, alternating with the other Associate.


    • Therefor we offer you a adequate salary as noncommittal guiding value of , depending on hours of work, age, work experience, references, qualification and operational readiness. Therefor we offer you a adequate salary as noncommittal guiding value of, DEPENDING ON hours of work, age, work experience, references, qualification and operational readiness.
    • 40 hours per week .The salary is in line with the doping which is paid in upscale private homes and is very good.
    • Please discuss this directly with your potential new employer or please check with AOG

    Your accommodation:  

    Upon request, you will be provided a place to live.  Move in is no condition.

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